About Us

We are the T-Exchange, a registered Makerspace established eight years ago and currently specialising in a range of technologies including Raspberry Pi, Arduino micro-controllers, 3D printers and Robotics. We have held the status of a Scottish registered charity, since July 2018 with our main charitable objective being the promotion of STEM Education, particularly targeted towards the young people of Moray. For example in September 2022 we restarted our Coderdojo Moray Code Club in Moray College. This is now the 8th year the free club has been in operation in the college. There we offer Scratch coding, Microbit coding, Robotics, Data handling and Computational thinking activities as part of an exciting range of Computing Hands-On activities for the young people to try. 

Moraymakerspace at AJ Engineering September 21 2019
Moray Makerspace at AJ Engineering Open Day

In addition during the last year we have worked hard to further our educational charitable aims in other practical hands-on ways to young people. This has included attending local science festivals- Inverness 2022, Orkney 2022, local events – Rotarfest 2022, Family Day at RAF Lossiemouth by providing educational displays and hands-on activities. We also organise and run local Code Clubs for young people in several local primary schools.

Stenness Primary Orkney Sept 10 2019 Orphir Primary School Orkney Sept 10 2019 Orphir Primary School Orkney Sept 10 2019 2

Orkney International Science Festival 

Technical Knowledge and Skills

Many of our members possess knowledge and skills honed over many years in fields of Education, Science, Computing and Engineering. Recent examples include an extensive Covid-19 PPE Visor project involving the use of our own 3D printers and 3D Modelling software. We are also using website design tools, as we edit our website to better meet our future needs. We are happy to share our extensive experience for the benefit of others and to this end we develop targeted displays and practical activities for public events.urses plus several computer coding clubs for young people across Moray. 

To grow a self-sustaining, open, community group with space for:

  • the exchange of ideas and concepts
  • the public sharing of knowledge, particularly scientific, technical and economic
  • acquiring of both practical and theoretical skills
  • briefings and workshops by specialists
  • the stimulation of creative, even ingenious ideas
  • facilitating experimental investigations through the provision of tools
  • the design and prototyping of high added-value products
  • stimulation of and support for entrepreneurial action
  • a friendly, fun environment with lots of tea and coffee

i.e. Making challenging, interesting, if not always useful things.

in case you were wondering,
The “T” stands for Thinking, Tenacity, Technology, Telecommunications, Tools, Talk, Talent, Tantrums and the essential Tea.
We aim to exchange all of these creatively.