About Us

The T-Exchange is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation SC047588
We are a group of unlike-minded individuals, living around the inner Moray Firth – but also some further away, who want to make their own or joint way with creative thinking, practical skills and new or old technology to make innovative objects and devices. We aim to present this expertise via science festivals and workshops to help the public understanding of science and technology and to encourage community development using this knowledge.
Right now, we have just over thirty members and fifty associates (on-line) with growing resources and nowhere to put them but we are working on it. Our member’s locations vary from Aberdeenshire to the Black Isle but our centre of gravity is very much in Forres, Moray, Scotland.

Our Objectives
To grow a self-sustaining, open, community group with space for:

  • the exchange of ideas and concepts
  • the public sharing of knowledge, particularly scientific, technical and economic
  • acquiring of both practical and theoretical skills
  • briefings and workshops by specialists
  • the stimulation of creative, even ingenious ideas
  • facilitating experimental investigations through the provision of tools
  • the design and prototyping of high added-value products
  • stimulation of and support for entrepreneurial action
  • a friendly, fun environment with lots of tea and coffee

i.e. Making challenging, interesting, if not always useful things.

in case you were wondering,
The “T” stands for Thinking, Tenacity, Technology, Telecommunications, Tools, Talk, Talent, Tantrums and the essential Tea.
We aim to exchange all of these creatively.